Booking Info

If you're a performer or have a special event you'd like us to host at KGB Bar or Red Room, let us know - we'd love to have you and your friends.

Below are the requirements for each venue; for questions, reach out to Lori Schwarz at We'll look forward to hearing from you!


Reading Requirements

  • Minimum $300 bar sales plus $60 tip
  • Rental Rate minimum $250 per hour

Red Room

Rental and Event Requirements - Minimum rental rate is $500 plus $100 tip.


  • Restored 1911 Mason and Hamlin piano
  • 8 channel mixer
  • 3 speakers and 1 monitor
  • 2 Direct Boxes
  • 3 mics with stands
  • Projector (need to provide your own HDMI cable)
  • Screen