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Denis Woychuk

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Denis Woychuk is the founder of the KGB Bar and its world-class literary series, which he began in 1994 with his friend, the novelist, Melvin Bukiet (read history). He is also the founder of the Kraine Theater (1984) and The Red Room performance space (1992). Denis is the author of Attorney for the Damned: A Lawyers Life with the Criminally Insane (The Free Press, New York, 1996) as well as two books for children. He is currently working on his second musical based of his experiences as an attorney for maximum-security mental patients. Denis now lives in Manhattan, but at heart he's still old-school Brooklyn. To contact Denis e-mail: .


Suzanne Dottino

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Suzanne Dottino received her MFA in writing (nonfiction) from Columbia University. Her work has appeared in The American,,, The Bloomsbury Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Brooklyn Review, Portable Muse. Her plays have been produced at The Culture Project, Artists of Tomorrow Festival, Horsetrade Theater and was a finalist in the Samuel French Short Play Competition. She is the Literary Director for Sunday Night Fiction Series at KGB Bar.


Fiction Editor

Peter Augerot

Peter Augerot studied writing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and lives in Brooklyn

Book Review Editor

Ian F. King

In addition to being the book reviews editor for KGB Bar Lit, Ian F. King writes about music for PopMatters, Redefine and Stereo Subversion. He has written for Nylon, Wondering Sound, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Slice Magazine, Line - A Journal, Hobart, Pindeldyboz, Take the Handle, and other places. He also co-writes an experiential music blog called Dear Jerks. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son, and cat. Please visit him at

Interviews Editor

Tara Jayakar

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Tara Jayakar graduated with a BA in English from Boston University. She founded Raptor Editing, walks dogs, and makes zines about belonging. She writes fiction between meals and lives in Brooklyn.

Book Review Editor