May, 2011

Many Islands


On our island, no woman may cook on a fire that was lit by a man. No one may touch the foot of a chief. “Who made these rules?” asked our chief’s son, while we sat cross-legged around the kava bowl, watching the green-bottomed clouds drift monotonously across the lagoon. “Why may I not sit with a woman who is…
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Radio Lima


Alone in the house with his wife’s Peruvian maid, his emotions get the better of him.  The sun is setting in the kitchen, its last rays illuminating the fading yellow wallpaper. She sits across him at the breakfast table, listening attentively as he discusses his upcoming divorce. “Is terrible,” she says, thoughtfully scratching her chin with her index finger, “is…
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Heaven Help Us, Heaven Forgive Us


His wife suggested they trade-in for a shorter fat man. Of course, he’d already investigated that. “What,” she said, “now you’re not talking to me?” There would be a connection fee—the equivalent of about a year’s worth of heating bills—and as it turned out, their fat man was only 5’4”, not 5’6”, and since 5’2” was the smallest model, the…
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