The Mother of All Readings: An Evening with Scaffolds Press

May 14, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Mother of All Readings: An Evening with Scaffolds Press

Jared Walsh is a novelist and poet with two works emerging this summer and fall by Scaffolds Press, an imprint he founded with his brother, Kyle. He creates literary fiction with a taste for the surreal.

Jared Walsh Interludes and November.

“We shall define true happiness as the fond memory of true unhappiness.”

Interludes is four days in the mind of the fictional poet Charles Whitson.

“There is a sauna fit for Hadrian that we use only in dreams.”

November is the autobiography of two lovers who found a religion of destruction.

Erica Pagliugo – For True.

“Sean Harrigan is sending out texts to people that the Producer is fighting women.”

For True is a memoir of the Caribbean told in impressionistic style by two expats with an ear for comedy.

Diego Guevara – Brasilia.

Visions of a dream-city gone to the gods.

Kyle Walsh The Scaffolds.

“There is always time for a little bit of yellow beauty.”

A creation story that draws and breaks from the tradition of Ovid.

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