Smartish Pace Reading

December 01, 2012
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

JOEL ALLEGRETTI’s fourth book of poems is Europa/Nippon/New York: Poems/Not-Poems (Poets Wear Prada, 2012). 

AARON BELZ’s second book of poems is Lovely, Raspberry (Persea, 2010) and a third is forthcoming from Persea. 

JOSEPH J. CAPISTA’s poems have appeared in Literary Imagination, North American Review and Slate. 

GREGORY DJANIKIAN’s sixth poetry collection is So I Will Till the Ground (Carnegie Mellon, 2007). 

PIOTR GWIAZDA’s second book of poems is Messages: Poems & Interview (Pond Road, 2012). 

RICHARD JACKSON’s tenth book of poems is Resonance (Ashland, 2010). 

LESLEY JENIKE’s first poetry collection is Ghost of Fashion (CW Books, 2009). 

JENNIFER MAIER’s first poetry collection is Dark Alphabet (Southern Illinois, 2006). 

MATT MCBRIDE has recently published poems in Forklift, Ohio; Ink Node; Juked; Little Red Leaves and SLAB. 

HAYDEN SAUNIER’s first book of poems is Tips for Domestic Travel (Black Lawrence, 2009). 

DAVID YEZZI’s second book of poems is Azores (Swallow, 2008) and Birds of the Air will appear next year in the Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series.