June 27, 2018
7:30 pm -

For the next session of the Red Room’s regular literary salon, author Tony Perrottet (tonyperrottet.com) will interview three extraordinary novelists who have created powerful female characters (and examine the wild relationships between them): Tara Isabella Burton (author of Social Creature, a darkly comic thriller released this month, taraisabellaburton.com), Rae delBianco (author of Rough Animals, a haunting parable of love and violence set in rural Utah also released this month, raedelbianco.com) and Maria Dahvana Headley (bestselling author of Queen of Kings, which reimagines Cleopatra as a vampire, and the novel The Mere Wife coming out in July, mariadahvanaheadley.com/) will all reveal their darkest literary secrets and discuss their adventures on the frontiers of publishing.
7.30 pm: Wine Reception
8 pm: Literary Salon
8.45: Exotic Dance Performance by Lauren Robbiani and Lauren Casper.