RR: The Last Taboos

March 22, 2018
7:30 pm -


Confessions of a Cork Dork: Juicy Secrets of the New York Wine World

Amateur drinker Bianca Bosker gave up her day job to immerse herself for 18 months among the obsessive connoisseurs of New York, to answer a question that many of us have secretly pondered: “What’s the big deal about wine?”

Her adventures while becoming a professional sommelier—which meant being drunk by mid-morning and hungover by noon most days—led her to some controversial conclusions, including the idea that “bad” wine is always bad. “Ignore the Snobs, Drink Cheap, Delicious Wine!” advised one notorious New York Times Op-Ed. Hailed as “the Kitchen Confidential” of the wine world, Cork Dork reveals how to never be intimidated by a wine list again.

Complimentary glass of wine from the slopes of the Alps provided by the Switzerland Tourism.

7:30pm wine reception
8pm discussion
9pm Velvetina Taylor burlesque

No cover.  1 drink minimum.

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