RR: Neuronautic Institute

November 29, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

No cover. 2 drink minimum.

A very special “It’s my Birthday” bash

We have 3 outstanding features; vital poets using humor and craft to dress deep ideas, each of whom is a seminal artist in the American poetry scene. As always, there’s a lively Open Mic so you can join in on the fun, or just come and listen. The cocktails are delicious, the room is beautiful, & words will fly.


JOHN BURROUGHS is a nationally-touring poet and performer from Cleveland and the author over a dozen books including Water Works, Electric Company, Beat Attitude and The Eater of the Absurd. His latest, Loss and Foundering, was recently published by NightBallet Press. In various past lives, John served as playwright-in-residence for the Ministry of Theatre at Marion Correctional Institution, his blog was ranked #1 on MySpace, he won the first poetry slam he ever competed in, and he co-founded the infamous Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza and almost-annual Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest. John has edited numerous volumes, including the Oct Tongue poetry series, Cheap and Easy Magazine and the anti-censorship anthology Fuck Poetry, and he is probably most proud of his work since 2008 as the founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press. Find him at www.crisischronicles.com

KAT GEORGES is a New York City-based poet, playwright, performer, publisher, and graphic designer. She has written and staged twelve plays, and is the author of two books: Our Lady of the Hunger and Three Somebodies: Plays about Notorious Dissidents, and three poetry chapbooks. She is co-founder, editor, and artistic director of Three Rooms Press (New York), publisher of such award-winning titles as Atrium: Poems by Hala Alyan, Weird Girl and What’s His Name: A Novel by Meagan Brothers, and The Obama Inheritance: 15 Stories of Conspiracy Noir (edited by Gary Phillips). She lives in Greenwich Village.

MATTHEW HUPERT: We can only perceive what we can think

We can only think what we can say

Matthew Hupert is dedicated to new words, thoughts, perceptions, & realities. He is the author of Ism is a Retrovirus (Three Rooms Press 2011), and is currently Hosting the NeuroNautic Institute reading series at The Red Room in NYC, monthly. His next book, Secular Pantheism, is due out in 2019 from NeuroNautic Press.

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