RR: Last Taboos

May 10, 2018
7:30 pm -

7:30 Wine Reception, 8pm discussion.
8:30pm Belly Dance Number

What is the allure of the subterranean world? For centuries, religious cults, criminals, mad scientists and erotic fantasists have exulted in the freedom that the dark places of the earth provide. For the latest edition of the Last Taboos series, author Tony Perrottet will interview David Farley about his new book, Underground Worlds, covering the most sacred and profane refuges from Rome to Romania, ancient China and (of course) modern New York. What were history’s wildest dens of vice? And where are the secret hideaways today?

Underground Worlds is a visual and anecdotal exploration of the curious worlds hidden beneath our feet, including ancient cities, salt mine cathedrals, underground amusement parks, and more. From bone-filled catacombs to sculpted salt churches to hand-carved cave complexes large enough to house 20,000 people, Underground Worlds is packed with more than 50 unusual destinations that take some digging to find. Award-winning travel writer David Farley revels in the unexpected, whether it is a cave city in China which houses one of the world’s largest collections of Buddhist art or an old salt mine converted into a theme park in Romania. Throughout the fascinating text are themed entries of underground systems such as the 2,500-year-old water tunnels of Kish Qanat in Iran or engineering marvels like the New York City steam tunnels.

Lauren Robbiani was born in the Hudson Valley of New York, but spends her time in Brooklyn, these days. When she was 19, Lauren started Studying Egyptian Cabaret upstate with a dedicated Serena student, Laura. It wasn’t long before she fell in love with ATS and Tribal Fusion stylings of Belly Dance. She took workshops with the innovators of the form for a spell while in San Francisco, and whenever possible in NYC. Fast forward some time and today she dances mostly with her pal Lauren Jeanette as Corpus Callosum. Together they produce shows like “Le Bal Oriental” at NYC’s Red Room, and “Maiden in the Moonshine” at Kings County Distillery in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, featuring live music with world class musicians, and some of New York City’s most sought after dancers. Together, the duo helps put on events by Atlas Obscura as Artistic Directors, Contractors, and Performers. Lauren is honored to work with Mardi Love as part of Lady Goodnight and the Voodoo Lillies, Dalia Carella and her Dance Collective, Irina and Ian Wen with their Butoh Dance Theater project Denovo, and has had the privilege of working with Mattie Waters, Despina, and Alice Giampieri to name a few. Lauren is also a founding member of Maiden China. She teaches here and there when she can find the time, but enjoys nothing more than a good excuse to dance around with friends. For updates on her goings-on you can visit https://www.corpuscallosumdance.com/.

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