RR: F Bomb Flash Fiction Series

May 03, 2019
7:00 pm -

No cover. 2 drink minimum.

MICHAEL MUNGIELLO is from New Jersey. He writes an opera column for Hobart.

MATT BRODERICK is an editor for The Review Review and a first-year MFA student at Rutgers-Newark. His art and writing have appeared in Cheap Pop, Redivider, and The Review Review.

JULIE TURLEY is a fiction writer and librarian in New York City. She has published fiction in North American Review, Quarterly West, Western Humanities Review, and elsewhere, and is currently working on an oral history of the ‘80s era Salt Lake City hardcore punk scene. While she writes fiction in cramped spaces on the lower east side of Manhattan, her main inspiration continues to be the American West.

JENNIFER JUNEAU is the author of UberChef USA forthcoming from Spork Press and the full length poetry collection, More Than Moon, forthcoming from Is A Rose Press. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.

JOE PAN is one author, his bio is as follows: Joe Pan is the author of five poetry collections, including Operating Systems,forthcoming from Spork Press in 2019. Joe is the co-editor of the best-selling Brooklyn Poets Anthology, the publisher of Augury Books and Brooklyn Arts Press, which was honored in 2016 with a National Book Award win in Poetry, and is the founder of the services-oriented activist group Brooklyn Artists Helping.

JENN STROUD ROSSMAN The author of the acclaimed novel Bowlerama.

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