An Evening with Sock Monkey Press

October 14, 2012
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sock Monkey Press was originally founded in 1996 by Scott Adkins and Erin Courtney, with a mission to bring literary and visual works to the printed matter.  Its first publications included a book of poetry by Rebecca Gleason with visual art by Erin Courtney, the Mac Wellman Journal, and SHE-WOLVES/WHORES ON THE RANGE, a limited edition book by the late playwright Tom Murrin, with photography by Patricia Sullivan.  Sock Monkey Press is undergoing a rebirth in 2012, continuing its original mission to represent strong literary works with publications that have a visual focus, using e-platforms for distribution in addition to printed books.  Recent and upcoming publications include Terence Degnan’s The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave, Martin Kleinman’s Home Front and My Apocalypse: Where the Mouth Bites the Tail, a collection of original fiction, poetry, plays and essays with the authors takes on how they envision the apocalypse if it were to take place on 12/12/12.

In his debut poetry collection, Terence Degnan dissects religion, government, fatherhood, brotherhood and attempts at collecting and keeping loved ones.  His words barrel forward with a lyrical slyness, referencing mythology and long ago worlds while winding together the disparate threads of contemporary American culture. With a rhythmic and powerful beauty, Degnan reminds us that we only imagine ourselves as free.

Terence Degnan is a poet and spoken word artist. His work is published in various literary magazines including The Other Herald, The Front Weekly and the OWS Poetry Anthology.  His two spoken word albums, 2008’s BC & 2010’s Calling Shotgun were produced in Pittsburgh, PA and Raleigh, NC, respectively. The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave is Degnan’s first published collection of poetry. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

Home Front
is a collection of short fiction by Martin Kleinman.  Each piece is steeped in the lore of 20th century New York City street life that, while harsh if not downright dangerous, is fondly remembered by older and ex-pat NY’ers—and virtually unknown to legions of newcomers.  Kleinman takes us on occasional side trips to Belgium, the Hudson Valley, Lithuania, Mississippi and New England. But no matter what the setting, the characters’ roots are indelibly New York City bound.  Home Front will be published in early 2013 by Sock Monkey Press.

Martin Kleinman is a New York City storyteller.  He has captivated audiences with his tales of real New Yorkers ( New York venues from KGB Bar to Brooklyn’s Union Hall. He lives high atop a mountain in the northwest Bronx, from which he can survey the full length and breadth of the world’s greatest metropolis.

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