KGB: Red Hen Press - A Well-Made Bed

March 11, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Please join Red Hen Press in celebrating the release of Abby Frucht and Laurie Alberts’ new novel, A Well-Made Bed, which Kirkus Reviews calls “an absorbing read that keeps the reader intrigued and entranced.” Abby and Laurie will be joined by Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing alums reading from their own works.

A Well-Made Bed:
Nearly fifteen years after the death of her childhood friend in a violent hit-and-run accident, Noor Khan is still in the midst of struggle. With a failing equestrian business and suspicions of an unfaithful husband, her years of physical and psychological therapies have driven her to cross a line that blurs what is law, and what is right. When Noor’s home-steading neighbor, Jaycee, gives her the chance to save her business and her marriage through the underground cocaine market, the two fall into a world of murder, copyright infringement, dementia, and one large, Peruvian cheese wheel that has them trapped in the morally ambiguous lifestyle they may have desired all along.