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May 27, 2011
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Gemma Clarke was a fashion model from her mid-teens to her early 20s, when she made the obvious career progression to sports writing. Hailing from London, England, she has written sports reports, lifestyle spreads, travel features, TV and video game reviews for UK national newspapers The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and was the only female publications editor for a Premier League soccer club. But she calls it football. After meeting her future husband outside a pub, she followed him to New York in 2010 where she has been working on her first novel Frown and Pout in Paris and London: a dark comedy about what it is to be a very mediocre model. She was born in Sudan and spent her childhood living in Mogadishu, Somalia, which goes down super well with US customs officials.

Aaron Poochigian lived in Greece on fellowship from 2003--4 and earned his Phd in Classics from the University of Minnesota in 2006. His translations of Greek poetry include: Stung With Love: The Poems of Sappho (Penguin 2009) and Aratus: Phaenomena (Johns Hopkins 2010), and two forthcoming volumes: Aeschylus: Persians, Seven against Thebes and Suppliants (Johns Hopkins 2011) and Apollonius’ Adventures of the Argonauts (Penguin 2012). He was awarded a 2010--11 NEA Grant in Translation, and his poems and translations have appeared in such journals as The Financial Times, Poems Out Loud and Poetry Magazine.