NYU Emerging Writers Series, featuring Matt Hart

December 18, 2009
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Matt Hart is the author of the poetry collections Who’s Who Vivid and the forthcoming title You Are Mist.

Thomas Dooley is a first year poet. He has studied with Jean Valentine and Brenda Shaughnessy.

David Foley is a fiction writer and playwright.  His plays have been produced both here and abroad and include Paradise, The Last Days of Madalyn Murray O’Hair in Exile, and Cressida Among the Greeks.  He is a second-year MFA student at NYU, where he is working on his second novel.

Newly emancipated from the drudgery of a Midtown cubicle, Keith Lubeley is in his first year as a Fiction student at NYU. Prior to joining the program, he spent most of his time acting and writing plays. During a lonely winter in LA two years ago, he started writing a novel on a whim – possibly as a reaction against all the screenwriting going on around him. When Keith moved back to New York, he took the novel with him. It has now evolved into a rollicking picaresque that seems to center on a scavenger hunt in scary 1980s Manhattan.

Monica Wendel is a second-year poetry student at NYU.  Her previous publications include numerous product descriptions for coffee makers and very, very few literary ones. A 2008-2009 Goldwater Fellow, she spent Tuesday afternoons teaching creative writing and wandering Roosevelt Island.

About the Series: NYU Emerging Writers Series

THE EMERGING WRITERS READING SERIES showcases the students of the NYU graduate Creative Writing Program, and feature established writers as special guests.