Art Omi Reads!

October 22, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Binalakshmi Nepram (Manipur/Nonfiction) Binalakshmi was born in the state of Manipur located in India’s Northeast region. She is a writer and civil rights activist, spearheading work on making women-led peace, security and disarmament a movement. She is author of four books: South Asia’s Fractured Frontier : Armed Conflict, Narcotics & Small Arms Proliferation in India’s Northeast (2003); Meckley: A Historical Fiction on Manipur (2004); India and Arms Trade Treaty (2008; and Where are our Women in Decision Making? (2016).

Dmitrij Gawrisch (Switzerland/Ukraine, Fic./Nonfic./Drama) Dmitrij was born in Kiev and moved to Switzerland at the age of eleven. After graduating in Business & Economics he wrote his first play Barren Land, which was staged in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. He has now written several plays and the latest, Wird schon werden (We’ll Manage Somehow), was commissioned by the Theaterhaus Jena in Germany. Dmitrij is currently working on a book of reportage as well as the novel, The Crane in the Snow. He lives in Berlin.

Fiona Sze-Lorrain (France, Poetry/Translation) Fiona writes and translates in English, French, and Chinese.  She is the author of three books of poetry—Water the Moon (2010), My Funeral Gondola (2013), and most recently The Ruined Elegance (2016), which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.  She has also translated several books of contemporary Chinese, French, and American poets.  Her latest translation, Yi Lu’s Sea Summit, was shortlisted for the 2016 Best Translated Book Award.  She lives in Paris where she works as a zheng harpist and an editor.

Michael Harris Cohen (Bulgaria/U.S., Fiction) Michael received his MFA from Brown University. He’s the recipient of a Fulbright as well as support from the Atlantic Center for the Arts, The Djerassi Foundation, Jentel, and The Blue Mountain Center. His writing has been published in various journals and anthologies and his first book, The Eyes, was published in 2013. He is an Associate Professor at the American University in Bulgaria where he teaches Creative Writing and Literature.

Stuart Cooke (Australia, Poetry/Nonfiction/Translation) Stuart grew up in Sydney and Hobart. He has travelled widely, particularly in Latin America, and has lived in Argentina, Chile and Mexico. He currently lives on the Gold Coast, where he lectures in creative writing and literary studies at Griffith University. His poetry collections include Opera (2016) and Edge Music (2011). He has also published works of criticism and translation, including George Dyuŋgayan’s Bulu Line: a West Kimberley song cycle (2014). 

Gianni Skaragas (Greece, Theater/Film/Fiction/Poetry) Gianni is a novelist, screenwriter and playwright, who grew up in the Greek region of Macedonia. He writes in both English and his native tongue. His short fiction and poetry have previously appeared or are forthcoming in American Chordata, Copper Nickel, The Tower Journal, World Literature Today, Spilled Milk, and elsewhere. He is the recipient of various grants and fellowships in the U.S. and Europe. He is a member of the Association of European Journalists.

Ed Maranan (Philippines, Poetry/Fiction/Nonfiction/Drama) Ed writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays, as well as stories and verse for children. He has translated works in English and Filipino, and writes a column on art and culture for a national newspaper. He has won some fifty awards in writing competitions in the Philippines. He was a fellow at the Iowa International Writing Program, International Summer School in British Poetry and Modern Literary Theory, Chateau de Lavigny International Writers Residency, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, and will attend the Hawthornden Writers Retreat in 2018.

Mirene Arsanios (U.S., Fiction) Mirene is the author of the short story collection, The City Outside the Sentence (2015). She has contributed essays and short stories to The Brooklyn Rail, The Rumpus, The Animated Reader, and The Outpost, among others. Mirene co-founded the collective 98weeks Research Project in Beirut and is the founding editor of Makhzin, a bilingual English/Arabic magazine for innovative writing.

Mònica Batet Boada (Catalonia, Fiction) Born in Tarragona, Catalonia, Mònica studied Catalan Philolgy at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. She has written four novels and some shorts stories. Her second novel, published in 2012, No et miris el Riu (Don’t Look at the River), was selected as a finalist for the Crexells award. Her third novel, published in 2015, Neu, óssos blancs i alguns homes més valents que els altres (Snow, Bears, and Some Men Braver Than Others), received a subsidy from the Instució de les Lletres Catalanes.

Martín Felipe Castagnet (Argentina/Fiction) Martín was born in La Plata. Los cuerpos del verano, his first novel, won the Young Latin-American Literature Award and has been translated into English (Bodies of Summer from Dalkey Archive), and French (Les corps de l’été from MEET). His second novel, Los mantras modernos, was published in Argentina earlier this year. Recently, he was selected by the Hay Festival as part of the Bogotá 39 list, which includes the 39 most promising Latin American authors under forty.

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