KGB: Poetry by Hilary Sideris, Christine Potter, & Rick Mullin

June 05, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Rick Mullin is a journalist, poet, and painter. His latest collection, Stignatz & the User of Vicenza, was published this year by Dos Madres Press in Loveland, Ohio. He is the author of three other books published Dos Madres, including Soutine and Sonnets from the Voyage of the Beagle. He is a senior editor at Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society.

Christine Potter is a writer and a poet who lives in a haunted house in Rockland County.  Her poetry collections are Zero Degrees at First Light (David Roberts Books, 2006) and Sheltering in Place (WordTech, 2013).  Her young adult novel, Time Runs Away With Her, was published last fall by Evernight Teen.  In addition to writing, Christine has been a teacher, a DJ, and a ringer of tower bells.

Hilary Sideris is the author of Most LIkely to Die, poems in the voice of Keith Richards, from Poets Wear Prada Press (2014). Her forthcoming collections are A House Not Made with Hands from Poets Wear Prada Press, and The Inclination to Make Waves, from Big Wonderful Press. She lives in Brooklyn, and works as a professional developer for the CUNY Start Program at The City University of New York.