KGB: Instar Reading

August 24, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

INSTAR BOOKS is celebrating its approximate third anniversary in business with an ALL-INSTAR reading at KGB Bar! Our NYC-based authors, both past and present, will be in attendance and reading/performing from recent work. (Including possible mystery readers.)

Catch up on what your old faves are doing! Encounter new faves! Purchase books and zines that they have created, as well as all current (and perhaps impending) Instar print titles! Come early to enjoy some component of a meager free home-cooked meal!

The company will care for you! Always! Celebrate with us on August 24!

Confirmed readers include:

TODD ANDERSON is a digital poet and web artist. He is the author of Hotwriting (Instar, 2016), a collection of playable digital poems that he performs live on a projector with a wireless USB keyboard he wears around his neck. He is the host and curator of WordHack, New York’s premiere monthly language+technology talk series, and is an organizer in several NYC-based digital arts collectives including Babycastles (independent video game gallery), the School for Poetic Computation (alternative tech education), and the Illuminator (guerrilla projection). He is a recent graduate of the Digital Language Arts MFA program at Brown University.

SIMON JACOBS is the author of the forthcoming collection Masterworks (from Instar Books in 2018) and of the forthcoming novel Palaces (from Two Dollar Radio in 2018). He is also the author of Saturn, a collection of David Bowie stories.

MIRACLE JONES is from Texas. He is a very private person.

ALLISON PARRISH is a computer programmer, poet and game designer. Named “Best Maker of Poetry Bots” by the Village Voice in 2016, her computer-generated poetry has recently been published in Ninth Letter and Vetch. She is the author of @Everyword: The Book (Instar, 2015), which collects the output of her popular long-term automated writing project that tweeted every word in the English language. Allison is a professor at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and lives in Brooklyn.

JONATHAN REISS is a contributor to many outlets, including The Source, Complex, Spin, Interview, Tablet, and Volume 1 Brooklyn. In his spare time, he rescues dogs from rich people. His debut novel Getting Off was released in July 2017..

JEANNE THORNTON is the author of The Dream of Doctor Bantam (OR Books, 2012, a Lambda Literary Award finalist) and The Black Emerald (Instar, 2014), as well as the creator of the comics Bad Mother and The Man Who Hates Fun. Her fiction has appeared in WIRED, Evergreen Review, WSQ, Prick of the Spindle, and other places. She is one of the publishers of Instar Books, with Miracle Jones.