KGB: HWA Women in Horror

February 06, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for free readings to spotlight the work of women in the horror field in celebration of Women in Horror Month. 

Why, you ask, is this necessary? Many people still assume that a horror story by a woman is, shall we say, less horrible. Come and hear what we can do! No charge, but please support the establishment and tip the bartender! Selection of juice and soda available as well.

Presented by Horror Writers Association NYC Chapter.

Lisa Mannetti’s debut novel, The Gentling Box, garnered a Bram Stoker Award and she has since been nominated five times for the prominent award in both the short and long fiction categories. Her story, “Everybody Wins,” was made into a short film and her novella, “Dissolution,” will soon be a feature-length film directed by Paul Leyden. Recent short stories include “Esmeralda’s Stocking” in Never Fear: Christmas Terrors; “Resurgam” in Zombies: More Recent Dead edited by Paula Guran; “The Hermit” in Never Fear: The Tarot; and “Arbeit Macht Frei” in Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories. Her most recently published longer work, The Box Jumper, a novella about Houdini, was not only nominated for a 2015 Bram Stoker Award and the prestigious Shirley Jackson Award, it won the “Novella of the Year” award from This is Horror in the UK. Forthcoming works include several other short stories, a dark novel about the dial-painter tragedy in the post-WWI era, Radium Girl, and another dark novel, Cultus. Lisa lives in New York in the 100-year-old house she originally grew up in with two wily (mostly black) twin cats named Harry and Theo Houdini. Visit her at or dare to enter her virtual haunted house at

Carol Gyzander (emcee) is both a founder and Editor-in-Chief at Writerpunk Press. This indie charity publishing house creates yearly anthologies of punk genre stories (cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk and more) inspired by classic works such as Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. Hideous Progeny is the upcoming volume based on horror classics. She’s published two cyberpunk novellas based upon Macbeth and Henry V, a clockpunk story inspired by Poe’s “The Raven,” and was positively disturbed to discover she likes writing horror stories. Find her at and

April Grey’s short stories are collected in The Fairy Cake Bakeshop and in I’ll Love You Forever. She has edited the anthologies: Hell’s Bells: Wicked Tunes, Mad Musicians and Cursed Instruments; Hell’s Garden: Mad, Bad and Ghostly Gardeners; Hell’s Grannies: Kickass Tales of the Crone; and last year’s Hell’s Kitties and Other Beastly Beasts. The first two books of her Cernunnos Series are at Please visit www.aprilgrey.blogspot and for her latest news and offerings.

Amy Grech has sold over 100 stories to various anthologies and magazines including: Apex Magazine, Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled, Dead Harvest, Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book Two, Detectives of the Fantastic, Volume II, Fright Mare, Needle Magazine, Real American Horror, Space & Time, Tales from The Lake Vol. 3, and many others. New Pulp Press published her book of noir stories, Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City. She is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers who lives in Brooklyn. Visit her website:  Follow Amy on Twitter:

Elizabeth Crowens won First Prize in the Goethe Awards for Turn-of-the-Century Historical Fiction for SILENT MERIDIAN. Also a finalist for the Cygnus, Paranormal, Ozma/Fantasy and Eric Hoffer Awards. She currently writes a column, The Poison Apple, for and also writes in the suspense genre. Find her at

Meghan Arcuri writes fiction and poetry. Her short stories can be found in various anthologies, including Chiral Mad, Chiral Mad 3, and Madhouse (all from Dark Regions Press). She also has a story in the forthcoming Borderlands 7 (Borderlands Press). She lives with her family in New York’s Hudson Valley. Please visit her at,, or on Twitter.