KGB: Hofstra MFA Program

December 09, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sam Chidley is a fiction writer in his first year of the Hofstra University MFA program. He grew up in Florida, but his home is also Los Angeles, Shanghai, hundreds of cheap hotels in between, and now Brooklyn. He is currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories.

Clive Young is graduating from Hofstra’s MFA Creative Writing program this month. He is the editor in chief of Pro Sound News, a trade magazine/website covering the crossroads of music and technology. Additionally, he is the author of two books, Crank It Up and Homemade Hollywood, the latter of which was nominated for a 2009 Rondo Award. Young has lectured at libraries and universities across the country, where he has presented more than 250 programs analyzing and unpacking historical aspects of pop culture.

René Giminiani-Caputo is an assistant dean at Hofstra University, currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing.  She holds a master’s degree in Foundations of Education with a focus in urban education.  In 2005, she held a multi-cultural gallery show which featured 50 pieces of album art, live graffiti artists, a maker’s space and her documentary film, Guerilla Art, which showcased the best mural art on the Lower East Side of NYC.  She earned her undergraduate degree from LIU/Post in English with minors in both journalism and political science.  Her first job out of college took her back to her Upstate New York roots, working as both a general assignment and beat reporter for the Troy Record. It was there that she honed her journalism skills, covering everything from local and state politics to fires and chocolate festivals.  René’s dream of becoming a novelist was put off for a time, but on the eve of her 50th birthday, her lofty writing dreams are starting to become reality.

Autumn Croker is a senior undergraduate Honors College student at Hofstra University, where she double majors in English and Film studies. Her concentrations include creative writing and screen writing. She is in the process of successfully completing her third graduate-level creative writing course. Her poetry often focus on a wide variety of tones while taping into multiple dimensions of genre. Often in her screen plays you’ll see how she incorporates poetry into the dialogue. When she isn’t handling the presidential duties of the Nu Tau chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, sorority Incorporated, you can find Autumn jotting down notes that could lead to her next big idea. Autumn hopes that one day she will successfully publish books and screenplays and produce and direct films.

Melanie Sirof is a(n as yet unpublished on paper) poet, a high school teacher, and most recently, a TEDx Organizer.  Her work is fueled by the life lived in the years between earning her creative writing undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1995 and the culmination of her MFA thesis from Hofstra University in this May.