KGB: Dzanc authors John Domini & Carole Firstman

February 04, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

John Domini has earned rare praise for his new set of short stories, MOVIEOLA!  (Dzanc Books). Critics are calling it “the smartest kind of fun,” “feverishly exuberant,” and “a glory.” The book offers a romp through the cineplex of the moviemaker’s mind, in which the usual heroes, the superman or the assassin or the sports star, are trotted out for various dry runs. Thus we may recognize the narrative outlines, but we’ve never seen them so twisted. Is this storytelling, or its opposite? Domini’s reading may provide answers. In any case, he’s a regular visitor to KGB and a lively performer. Q & A afterward may also touch on his wide range of other publications—novels, journalism, criticism, and poetry—and his teaching at Harvard, Northwestern, and elsewhere. See

Carole Firstman’s award-winning book, ORIGINS OF THE UNIVERSE AND WHAT IT ALL MEANS: A MEMOIR is a Paris Review Staff Pick and is praised by The New York Times as “a strangely dazzling memoir.” Critics are calling it “pitch perfect,” ‘innovative,” and a “compelling narrative” of “rare quality.” Telling the story of her remarkable childhood with an arachnologist father, the book explores the intersection of science, philosophy and our basic human need to sort out difficult familial relationships. Among other honors, Firstman’s work has been noted several times in Best American Essays and the Pushcart Prize. Visit