KGB: At The Inkwell

October 11, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Luna Luna was born four years ago during a particularly warm and misty summer. But then our site crashed and the throes of hell were upon us. This was sad, but we were reborn (and relaunched) in October 2015, with an even tighter focus on exploring light, dark, and shadow. We were always meant to be born as a scorpio.

At The Inkwell, headed up by Andi Talarico, is generously hosting us at KGB Bar & Lit Mag. We couldn’t be more excited, and there’s no one we’d rather celebrate with.

For four years, we’ve been publishing writers from all over the country--and the world--in an effort to create space for diverse, magical, unafraid voices. BuzzFeed called us a “squad you need to know” while Elle Magazine featured us in their Season of the Witch story. We are so proud to be publishing vulnerable, intersectional, and beautiful poetry, essays, reviews, interviews and stories every day.

Come join us, darklings, for a delectable evening of readings. Conjure, imbibe, and dream with us. There will be giveaways, pretty things, spells, and wish jars. More surprises to come. Giveaways will happen. ♥

KRISTEN J. SOLLEE teaches gender studies courses at The New School, is founding editrix of Slutist, an award-winning sex positive feminist website, and curates the Legacy of the Witch charity festival in Brooklyn. Her first book, Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring The Sex Positive, was published by ThreeL Media in June 2017.

KENYATTA JP GARCIA is the author of Slow Living and They Say (West Vine Press). They were raised in Brooklyn, NY but currently call Albany home. They have a degree in linguistics and spent a dozen years as a cook. Currently they spend their nights making money by putting boxes on shelves but by day, they pine, brood, write short humor, non-fiction and poetry. In addition, they are an editor at Rigorous and Five 2 One.

DIANCA LONDON earned her MFA in fiction from The New School. She is the former prose editor of LIT Magazine and a 2015 Pushcart Prize Nominee. She is a Kimbilio Fiction Fellow, a Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop participant, a VONA Voices alumna, and the online editor of Well-Read Black Girl. Her words have been featured in Kweli Journal, Lenny Letter, The Village Voice, Obsidian, and elsewhere. Her memoir, Planning for the Apocalypse: Meditations on Faith and Being the Only Black Girl At Your Party, is forthcoming from 37 Ink. She currently works and resides in Brooklyn. You can follow her musings on Twitter via @diancalondon.

COOPER WILHELM is the author of Klaatu Verata Nikto (Ghost City Press 2016), a microchapbook about necromancy and breakups; of DUMBHEART/STUPIDFACE (Siren Songs 2017); and of an as of yet untitled chapbook about pigs from Business Bear Press. He hosts Into the Dark, a radio show about witchcraft on Radio Free Brooklyn. He also sends poems on postcards to randomly selected strangers at

LISA MARIE BASILE is an editor, writer and poet living in NYC. She is the founding editor-in-chief of Luna Luna Magazine and the author of APOCRYPHAL (Noctuary Press, 2014), as well as a few chapbooks. Her book NYMPHOLEPSY (co-authored with poet Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein), was a finalist in the 2017 Tarpaulin Sky Book Awards and will be published in 2018. She is working on her first novel, to be released by Clash Books/Clash Media. Her poetry and other work can be or will be seen in PANK, Spork, The Atlas Review, and more.