It’s Animal But Merciful reading

December 12, 2012
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

With Hala Alya, Janet Hamill, Aimee Herman, Karen Hildebrand, Ted Jonathan, Mary McLaughlin Slecta, John Duncan Talbird, and John J. Trause.

Great Weather for Media is a new independent press, focusing on the unpredictable, the bright, the dark, and the innovative. “It?s Animal but Merciful” features fifty-five poets and fiction writers across the United States, plus Botswana, the Philippines, Denmark, and Canada. This is world writing with a New York flair?no nonsense, no claptrap, ready to spit in your eye or call you lover in a cyberminute.There?s brutality, glamour, danger, and glitz (but an unexpected tenderness too).