Graphic Novelists: Jonathan Ames, Dean Haspiel, Tom Hart, Sarah Glidden, Matt Thruber

November 30, 2008
7:01 pm - 9:01 pm

Jonathan Ames, Dean Haspiel, Sarah Glidden, Tom Hart, Matthew Thruber read and show from their graphic novels and comix.
Sarah Glidden -How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less. Sarah Glidden is currently at work on her first graphic novel, forthcoming from Vertigo, entitled “How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less.” The first two chapters of this book, self-published as minicomics, have earned her the 2008 Masie Kukoc award as well as the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent.

Matthew Thruber - 1-800-MICE Matthew Thurber is a cartoonist from Washington State, now residing in Brooklyn. His comic book “1-800-MICE” is published by PictureBox. His comics have appeared in anthologies such as Kramers Ergot, The Ganzfeld, and Yale University Press’ Anthology of Graphic Fiction. He has exhibited at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Southfirst in Brooklyn, and the Fumetto festival in Lucern, Switzerland. In 2006 he was named
“Mini Comics Artist of the Year” by The Comics Journal. He has performed at venues from the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles to Issue Project Room in New York with his musical project Ambergris, and played saxophone from 2006-08 with Soiled Mattress and the Springs.

Dean Haspiel and Jonathan Ames - The Alcoholic Jonathan Ames is the author of seven books, including Wake Up, Sir!, The Extra Man, and, of course, The Alcoholic—a graphic novel that he collaborated on with the brilliant illustrator, Dean Haspiel.  His eighth book, a collection of fiction and non-fiction, entitled The Double Life is Twice As Good, will be out in July of 2009.  Ames has adapted his novels and short stories for film and television.  He had a one-man show of his monologues called “Oedipussy” and has had two amateur boxing matches, fighting as “The Herring Wonder.”

Native New Yorker, Dean Haspiel, is the creator of BILLY DOGMA and the webcomix collective ACT-I-VATE. He has drawn superheroes for Marvel and DC Comics, including Pulitzer Prize winning Michael Chabon’s THE
ESCAPIST [Dark Horse], and is best known for his collaborations with Harvey Pekar on THE QUITTER and AMERICAN SPLENDOR. Recently, he drew THE ALCOHOLIC, an original graphic novel collaboration with author Jonathan Ames and, MO & JO: FIGHTING TOGETHER FOREVER, a Toon Book collaboration with underground comix legend, Jay Lynch for Raw Jr. Dean currently edits NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR for SMITH Magazine and produces STREET CODE, a semi-autobiographical webcomic for For updates, please visit

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