Fordham Writers Series

May 31, 2011
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Adrienne Brock is here.  She has been in New York City, Michigan, and Micronesia.  In these places, she has studied English and creative writing at Fordham and at Michigan State University, has worked with poet Diane Wakoski, has swum with sharks, and has had a couple things published.

Naima Aisha Coster is a devoted fiction writer, living and creating in New York City.  She has roots in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, CuraƧao, and Brooklyn. Naima studied English, Creative Writing, and African American Studies at Yale College, where she won the Elmore A. Willets Prize for Fiction Writing. After graduating in 2008, she went on to teach creative writing to young people in various settings, from the South Bronx to Rikers Island. Naima is currently pursuing a M.A. in English with a Writing Concentration at Fordham University. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Arts & Letters, The Acentos Review, WireTap Magazine, The Fordham Observer, Yale Daily News, and Yale Daily News Magazine. Naima is also a mentor at Girls Write Now.

Amanda Calderon just graduated from the Masters program in English at Fordham University. In her previous life, she was an undergraduate admissions counselor at Brown University and The New School. She writes poetry and fiction and her work has been published in Wags Revue. This fall, she will begin her MFA in poetry at NYU.

Dominique Blanc is an Ohio native living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She studied English and creative writing at Hiram College, and has recently completed her Masters degree in English and poetry at Fordham University. Dom has won a few awards, published almost none of her poetry, and is currently among the 9% of Americans searching for a job.