Fiction Magazine, Dogzplot and Sententia present: Fiction and Poetry Slam

June 04, 2010
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Elizabeth Ellen
Kim Chinquee
Peter Schwartz
Christopher Kennedy
Robert Lopez
Barry Graham

Karen Baddely
Steve Rosenstein
Marie Barrientos
G.D. Peters
Paul Hylan Segar

Ken Sparling
Geoffrey Nutter
Jen Michalski
Mark Mirsky
Shya Scanlon

Author Bios:

Karen Baddeley is working on her MFA in Creative Writing at the City College of New York and is an assistant at the Ayesha Pande Literary Agency.

Marie Barrientos is a current undergraduate at The City College of New York. She’s an actor and secretary in a law firm, not necessarily in that order.  Her first published piece appears on Hot Type: Fiction on the Web.

G.D. Peters’ short stories have appeared in Folio, South Dakota Review, Sulphur River Literary Review, and more than a half dozen other literary magazines and journals. In 2009 he received his MFA from The City College of New York, where he currently teaches literature and creative writing.

Steve Rosenstein’s work has appeared in such journals as the Monmouth Review, the Aquarian, and Smyles & Fish, and has had theater works staged by the Terranova Collective, where he is a member.  He is the managing editor of Fiction, and teaches as an adjunct lecturer at The City College of New York.

Born and raised in New York, Paul Hylän Segar is a former attendee of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the City College of New York. Currently residing in Harlem, he is a celebrity stylist and designer.

Elizabeth Ellen is the author of Before You She Was a Pit Bull (Future Tense) and Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix (Rose Metal Press). She lives in Ann Arbor and is editor of Short Flight/Long Drive Books, a division of Hobart.

Kim Chinquee is the author of the collections, Oh Baby, and Pretty. She received a Pushcart Prize and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Peter Schwartz’s poetry has been featured in The Collagist, The Columbia Review, Diagram, and Opium Magazine. His latest collection is Old Men, Girls, and Monsters and he’s a regular contributor to The Nervous Breakdown. He lives in Maine.

Christopher Kennedy is the author of Nietzsche’s Horse, Trouble with the Machine, and Encouragement for a Man Falling to His Death. He is an associate professor of English at Syracuse University where he directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing.
Robert Lopez is the author of two novels, Part of the World and Kamby Bolongo Mean River. Dzanc Books will publish a story collection, Asunder, in November. He teaches at The New School, Pratt Institute and Columbia University.
Barry Graham is the author of The National Virginity Pledge and Not a Speck of Light is Showing. He teaches writing at Rutgers University and edits for DOGZPLOT. 

Ken Sparling is the author of the recently reissued, Hush Up and Listen Stinky Poo Butt (Artistically Declined Press) and the critically acclaimed Dad Said He Saw You At The Mall (Knopf, 1996).

Mark Mirsky edits Fiction, has published four novels, a collection of stories and novellas, The Secret Table, and two academic books and is the Professsor of English at The City College New York.

Geoffrey Nutter is the author of A Summer Evening, Water’s Leaves and Other Poems and Christopher Street. He teaches at New York University and will teach next year at the Iowa Writers Workshop.

Jen Michalski’s first collection of stories, Close Encounters (2007) was published by So New Media and her second is forthcoming from Dzanc Books.

Shya Scanlon’s poetry collection, In This Alone Impulse, was published by Noemi Press in January 2010. His novel, Forecast, will be published later this year by Flatmancrooked.