Emily Rubin & Cara Hoffman

March 27, 2011
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Emily Rubin is a long-time resident of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She is a producer and stage manager at MTV, History Channel, A&E, NBC, PBS, Fox News, and Bravo. Her fiction has been published in the Red Rock Review, Confrontations and HAPPY, and she is a past nominee of the Pushcart Prize. She has written plays and performance pieces at the Abrons Art Center, PS 122, Nuyorican Poets Cafe and One Dream Theater. Rubin co-founded Wash and Dry Productions to produce Dirty Laundry: Loads of Prose, a reading series that takes place in Laundromats around the country. She reads from her novel: Stalina

Mordantly funny, deliciously human, Rubin’s tale of a self-possessed survivor brings zest to the literature of immigration and adaptation.” Booklist Reviews
Cara Hoffman won a New York State Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. She reads from her novel: SO MUCH PRETTY

“This beautiful, stealthy novel creeps up on you, subtly drawing new strands into itself until what begins as the suspenseful story of a rural American murder grows into a dark, disquieting and fascinating examination of the violence and concealment practiced by a whole society. Hoffman achieves a focused intensity which she holds on the very edge of anger, without once giving in to it… This is an impassioned, intelligent and important work of art, and with it Hoffman takes her place in that select group of American novelists who, eschewing nihilism and hauteur, write with urgency and passion about what is really going on out there.” Chris Cleave

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