Drunken Careening Writers

March 17, 2011
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Dan Bernitt is a playwright and solo performance artist. His solo performances include Phi Alpha Gamma; Swan Balloon; The Gayer Show; Moments of Disconnect; and Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface!; and they have been featured in venues internationally: from Minneapolis and Cape Cod to New York and Dublin. A recipient of the Robert Chesley Award for Gay Playwriting, both his books, Dose: Plays & Monologues and Phi Alpha Gamma, were named finalists for the Lambda Literary Award.

PE Nolan came into being some years ago when a story she read at Drunken! Careening! Writers! led to a clause in her divorce that requires her to use a pseudonym.  She has been allegedly working on a racy memoir and has been experimenting on her blog, Menopausal Stoners, to determine what an individual can say on the internet about a recognizable person and still avoid prosecution.  In the process, she developed a reputation as a theologian and subversive.  She is a contributing writer for the website Worldwide Hippies as well as Black Magpie Theory. Works in progress include The Menopausal Stoners Guide to Parenting.

Eddie Sarfaty is a stand up comedian and writer who has appeared on The Today Show, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, LOGO’s Wisecrack, The Joy Behar Show, and performed at many, many festivals. He appears annually in Provincetown, solo and as the newest member of the groundbreaking troupe Funny Gay Males. His short story, “Second Guessing Grandma” was featured in the anthology, When I Knew, and was later adapted into a film, starring Kathleen Chalfant,.  has been shown at festivals across the US, as well as in the UK, Italy, Bosnia, and Brazil. His book, Mental: Funny in the Head (Kensington, 2009) is a collection of comic essays He teaches workshops on comedy writing and performing, and is working on another essay collection and am collaborating with comedian Bob Smith, on a screenplay.