QUEER IN THE KITCHEN: Daniel Isengart, Eric Kim & Mike Albo

September 23, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Daniel Isengart is a writer, cabaret entertainer and private chef living in Brooklyn. He has written about food and related subjects for Slate and The Huffington Post and is a frequent contributor to Jarry Magazine. Daniel is also the subject of The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart, written by his partner Filip Noterdaeme.

The Art of Gay Cooking, a culinary memoir, is a gay adaptation of The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. Out in June 2018, it has a foreword by celebrity chef Jeremiah Tower, the godfather of California cuisine, and has already received endorsements by prolific authors such as Betty Fussell, Justin Spring, Luke Barr and Rex Reed, among others. Queering the Kitchen, explores the legacy and influence of gay men and women in America’s culinary world.

“I was overwhelmed by its very personal beauty… Reading The Art of Gay Cooking I think back to a life I wanted to re-create, and the terms on which I wanted to re-create it.”
– Jeremiah Tower, co-owner of Chez Panisse (1972-1978) and author of Start The Fire and numerous other cookbooks.

Read The New York Times feature on the book here: Is There Such A Thing As Gay Cooking?
‘The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook’ – Updated. Is there such a thing as “gay cooking”? Daniel Isengart explores.

Eric Kim is the Senior Editor at Food52. Formerly the Digital Manager of FoodNetwork.com, he writes about food, travel, and culture and currently lives in a tiny shoebox in Manhattan.

Eric will read his personal essay he wrote about coming out to his parents over kimchi fried rice, the response to the piece, how it kind of felt like coming out again, and how he realized later that it wasn’t just a gay food story, but a gay Asian food story as well.
I Came Out To My Parents Over Kimchi Fried Rice
Mike Albo is a writer and performer living and loving in Brooklyn. his first novel, HORNITO: MY LIE LIFE, his second novel, THE UNDERMINER, He is releasing THE JUNKET exclusively on Kindle.

Albo wrote The Critical Shopper column for the New York Times. He has also had columns in Blackbook and Surface magazines, and wrote “Torascopes” for Heeb Magazine. His love advice column in Out Magazine, “What’s Your Problem?” He also wrote horoscopes for Word.com (Horoscopes by Randy Lavender).  His fiction and essays have appeared in many anthologies, including The Worst Noel, Girls Who Love Boys Who Love Boys, Rejected and The Show I’ll Never Forget. Selections of his “Junk Mail” poetry have appeared in the Tin House.

As a monologist and comedian, Albo has completed four critically acclaimed, sold-out solo shows: MIKE ALBO, SPRAY, PLEASE EVERYTHING BURST and MY PRICE POINT, as well as many solo performances and tours across the United States and Europe. Fast-paced, hilarious, highly emotional and punctuated with dance, his performances have been praised in many publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Paper, Time Out, The Independent in London, The Boston Globe, the Pittsburgh Tribune, and the LA Times.

Selections of his work appear in EXTREME EXPOSURE: An Anthology Of Solo Performance Texts From The Twentieth Century (ed. by Jo Bonney). MY PRICE POINT won the award for Best Solo Performance by Independent Reviewers of New England in 2006.

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