The Corresponding Society literary journal reading

April 23, 2009
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Corresponding Society, headquartered in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, is a small press that publishes the biannual literary journal Correspondence. The journal, which is purposed to represent new and unfamiliar writing, is full of poetry but also pays atypical attention to essays, translations, and hybrid work. The Corresponding Society is pleased to return to the KGB Bar for a reading celebrating the release of the second issue of Correspondence. For more information, or to read our blog, please visit our website:

Featured Readers:

Lonely Christopher --- poet, playwright, director, novelist, and an editor of Correspondence. He is the author of two books available from Small Anchor Press: Satan and Gay Play. His chamber drama Gay Play was staged at The Bowery Poetry Club last summer and new performances are being organized in San Francisco, France, and Chengdu, China.

Jennifer Stohlmann --- poet and editor of the literary journal Ubiquitous.

Adrian Shirk --- writer and an editor of Correspondence. She is a candidate for a BFA in creative writing at The Pratt Institute.

Greg Afinogenov --- historian, translator, and an editor of Correspondence.  Greg has a BA in history and philosophy from Fordham and is a candidate for a PhD in history at Harvard. He has worked professionally as a researcher and translator and is published in journals including 18th Century Cities.

Christopher Sweeney --- poet, translator, and an editor of Correspondence.

Robert Snyderman --- poet, playwright, director, and contributing editor of Correspondence. He has directed several original plays at venues including The Bowery Poetry Club and The Ontological-Hysteric Theater. He has been featured at The KGB Bar, PS 122, The Cake Shop, and many different performances spaces.

Will Morris --- poet, performer. He has been published by various small presses in the United State and the United Kingdom.

Mike McDonough --- freelance writer. He is a graduate of the New School MFA program. His poetry has appeared recently in Pax Americana and The Agriculture Reader.