Berlinica Publishing reading

June 16, 2013
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Two new books: Mark Twain in Berlin and Kurt Tucholsky’s Berlin! Berlin!

Berlinica Publishing presents two new books by two acclaimed authors; Mark Twain, “A Tramp in Berlin. New Mark Twain Stories”, and Kurt Tucholsky, “Berlin! Berlin! Dispatches From the Weimar Republic”. There will be a reading by David Henry Sterry, a book author, performer, educator, activist, actor, screenwriter and muckraker. In an reenactment of Tucholsky‘s own first book presentation, everybody who buys a book gets a free shot of wodka or whiskey.

“A Tramp in Berlin” tells how Mark Twain spent the winter of 1891–1892 in the German capital. America’s foremost humorist conspired with diplomats, frequented the salons, had breakfast with duchesses, and dined with the emperor. He also suffered an “organized dog-choir club,” picked a fight with the police, was abused by a porter, got lost on streetcars, and witnessed a proletarian uprising. Twain’s unpublished Berlin stories are assembled here for the first time, together with a riveting account of his adventures. The book will come out June 23, this is a preview.

“Berlin! Berlin!” is a satirical selection from the man with the acid pen and the perfect pitch for hypocrisy, who was as much the voice of 1920s Berlin as Georg Grosz was its face. It shines a light on the Weimar Republic and the post-World War I struggle, which fore­shadowed the Third Reich. This book collects Kurt Tucholsky’s news articles, poems, and funny stories about his home town Berlin, never published in America before. With a foreword by New York author Anne Nelson and an introduction by Ian King, the chair of the Kurt-Tucholsky-Society.